The Evolution of Online Sex Games

You’re looking for the next porn game to play. You’ve heard of Project QT and wondering if it could be worth a try.

If you’re already familiar with the titles on offer at Nutaku, a lot of the content of this review will come as no surprise to you.

However, even if a lot of those games share similar mechanics, they all have something unique to offer.

If you’re a newbie, you have the delightful opportunity to discover phantasmatic universes full of hot babes and epic battles to save the world.

Project QT is a recent entry on Nutaku and has sparked some interest as one of the first, if not the first, anime porn games developed in China to enter the Western market.

This review will explore the ins and outs of this game and conclude with a couple of quality alternatives.

What Is Project QT?

Project QT is a hentai game developed by a Hong Kong based young team. It was first published on Nutaku in 2019.

This free-to-play game has RPG elements as you level up your team, unlock various bonuses, and of course, sexy rewards in the form of hardcore animated hentai scenes.

You’ll team up with hot babes to rescue the world from terrible virus. For this, you’ll have to fight enemies using your special skills in a combination of action and Match-3 puzzle mechanics.

Basically, the fighting system is similar to Candy Crush.

Project QT is the promise of many hours of entertainment if you want to play it thoroughly.

It features more than 80 stages, with 50+ animated porn scenes to unlock. There are also 20 characters to recruit for your team, along with 8 monster girls to seduce once they join your harem.

And did I mention that girls keep undressing as you go up in levels?

There’s even a dating simulation element in the form of text messages that you receive. All in all, Project QT has a lot going on with all its features.

Where to Play Project QT

Project QT was published in 2019 on Nutaku, the most popular platform for porn games on the internet.


If it’s not already done, go on and create an account. It’s absolutely free and won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Membership will allow you to play a vast selection of games for free and, most importantly, save your progress.

Project QT was designed to be played on smartphone. It’s available as an Android app that you can download for free.

It can be played on a computer browser. Just keep in mind that the game will keep a cell phone aspect ratio.

If you have an iPhone, you can play Project QT in your browser as well. For more online mobile sex games, visit Sex Games HQ.

Is Project QT Free?

Just like a lot of games out there, Project QT is free-to-play but features an in-game currency that you can obtain using real cash.

Spending money allows you to gain levels faster and unlock features more easily, but it’s hardly necessary. You can cruise along just fine without spending a dime.

You can expect some in-game ads that try to get you to spend money, however, you can just ignore them and keep playing for free.

The Story

The storyline isn’t exactly Project QT’s strong suit, as it’s explained in the beginning of the game but then doesn’t really get referenced again.

However, there’s not much need for a story as long as you can fight robots, get girls, and save the world.

The storyline entails a black hole experiment in the Arctic gone wrong, which opened a portal to a different dimension. A space virus found its way into our world and is infecting people.

As subject one of the antibody research, you are the one who will save the world from “Ricky’s virus”.

You’ll have to fight against robots with your team of chibi girls in order to level up and progress the story.

The Combat System

The combat system involves solving quick puzzles to unlock combos and attack your opponents in turn-based battles.

Each turn, your girls will attack one after the other before the end of your turn. Once their health bars are empty, your opponents are defeated and you can gain the experience of your victory.

The puzzles are reminiscent of Candy Crush and easy to master. There is even an option to automate them if you wish to accelerate the process.

Basically, there are different categories of tiles, called runes, that represent elements. You form an uninterrupted line to clear as many tiles as possible. After clearing three lines, your minions will attack.

There are also special tiles that will boost your attacks. They can explode or clear a diagonal line, creating a combo that will inflict more damage.

Each one of your minions has a special ability that gets triggered if you clear enough runes.

The Elements

Project QT’s combat system is based on elements. If you play your cards right, you can deal more damage to your enemies by levering the elemental system.

There are five elements, and each one has the advantage over one of the others, a little like rock-paper-scissors.

The elements are water, fire, wind, lightning, and water. Water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats lightning, which beats water.

If you attack with the right element, you will deal +50% damage. This becomes interesting as the game gets harder and you don’t beat enemies as easily.

The elements add a welcome strategic aspect to the game.

Progressing in the Game

You’ll advance in the game by clearing sectors in the story mode. This will allow you to unlock new stages and rise up in level. Beat your enemies and move on to the next location.

Here’s the deal:

You can progress faster by completing special missions. Each sector contains three special missions that will give you extra rewards.

These missions also unlock “sweeping”, which is a faster way to clear a stage.

The Rewards

In addition to the various items and power-ups, you’ll gain monster girls as you progress. The game has a section called “Room” where you can visit your collection of girls.

You can seduce them to increase their loyalty points and give them gifts so they gain skill points. Additionally, as you complete achievements, you will unlock sexy videos with each girl.

But that’s not all, as you’ll regularly receive messages on your phone from girls more than willing to share some juicy pics with you.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

Project QT has a few features that get unlocked once you reach certain levels.

For instance, you can battle it out with other players in the arena, which is always a good way to grind some levels if you’re stuck in the game.

At level 10, you will also unlock the chat, with the possibility of meeting other players from all around the world.

The Bonus

Project QT has a famous guest star… her name is Little Reislin and she’s an award-winning adult movie star. She’s one of three notorious porn stars to feature in Nutaku games, and the second one to arrive after SolaZola in Fap CEO.

Reislin is playable in Project QT as a hentai character.

Alternatives You Might Like

If you want to try playing something else, here are three alternatives for your entertainment.


You’re the CEO of a newly formed company. With your devoted secretary Amber, you’ll have to build the biggest video-chat empire the world has ever seen.

Chat up girls and recruit them, level them up to make more money, and expand your territory in this sexy clicker game.

Fap CEO is perfect if you’re looking for a few hours of casual fun with some juicy hentai porn as a bonus.

Booty Farm

There’s nothing quite like running your own farm, tending to your crops and animals. With a side of hot chicks willing to do anything to please you, of course.


Booty Farm is a farming simulator where you purchase various animals, plant seeds, and produce a host of foods.

In this difficult task, you get the help of a colorful cast of young, sexy girls each more eager to keep you fully satisfied than the last.

Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars, also known as Chick Wars, is the perfect game for Magic The Gathering lovers, and for hentai lovers of course.

In this faster-paced version of the famous card game, you defend the realm against invading monsters with your team of hot babes. Summon units and play the right strategy to defeat your opponents as you rise up the ranks.

Closing Thoughts

Project QT is a nice little title and another win for Nutaku.

While the lack of story is a shame, it can be pretty fun and addictive to level up your girls and see what sexy rewards you can get.

The game provides enough variety to keep you coming back for more, and the presence of an online community only adds interest to it.

Try it out!

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