The Advantages Of Digital Pianos Vs Acoustic Pianos

If you’re interested in taking up the piano, you’re eventually going to have to make a very big decision: do you go all out with an acoustic piano or merely stick to a smaller digital model? There are a couple of pros and cons to each, but many traditionalists will lead you to believe that acoustic is the only way to go. If you think of it in purely practical terms however, the arguments for going the digital route just might win you over. Consider the following:

1 – Price Range

First and foremost, digital pianos are significantly more affordable than traditional models. Pianos are also like any other instrument where the quality is greatly dependent upon how much you pay in most cases. Fortunately, the difference between lower and higher end electric models are much less severe.

It’s also easy to find smaller digital keyboards for even lower prices. This allows new players to develop a feel for the instrument without too much of an investment. Far too many people have gone all in with an acoustic piano, only to seldom use them after the fact.

2 – Space

Of course, acoustic pianos also take up quite a lot of space. It’s simply more convenient to have a digital model that can easily be stored away in a closet or case when not in use. Traditional pianos are not only an investment from the financial end; they are incredibly demanding of you room as well.

3 – Maintenance

It’s obviously also quite a bit easier to take care of digital pianos than acoustic models. There’s no need to change or tune wires. In fact, the need for any replacement components of any kind is incredibly rare. With an electric keyboard, you simply plug the AC adapter or USB cable in and play. Keeping an acoustic piano going through the years is quite a bit of work in comparison.

Of course, there are several other advantages at play. Since it’s easier to take care of digital pianos and they’re also vastly more affordable, the barrier for entry is much lower in general. Practice will be easier since the instrument will be so much accessible. The downsides such as overall audio quality and feel are certainly present, but many professional musicians have made fantastic careers for themselves by focusing on keyboards in place of traditional pianos. If you’re on a budget and you’re just getting into music for the first time, the choice to go digital should be clear.

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