Choosing Piano Vs Guitar For Beginners

Everyone loves the idea of being a musician. Only a few people actually take the steps to do it. Sometimes it’s due to being too busy. Other times it’s fear. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of not knowing what instrument they want to learn.

There are two incredibly popular instruments for beginners; the guitar and the piano. They each have their difficulties and their rewards. They also both have a different image associated with them. So here are some tips on choosing which instrument to play, piano or guitar.

Ease of Use

The first thing to consider is how often you’ll get to play. Guitars are much easier to carry, which means you’ll have more opportunities to practice. When you go out to the park, or over to a friend’s house, you can bust out the guitar and play a few songs.

If a person can play the piano then they can also play a synthesizer. This means the piano is somewhat portable. However, it’s not nearly as portable as the guitar.

That said, some people have different ways to play and practice. They may be part of an organization that already has a music group and therefore a practice room with a piano. Or they may have Grandma’s old upright piano in their living room and often have guests over. If this describes you, then choosing the piano may be a good idea.

Hand Size and Finger Strength

The next thing to look at when deciding piano vs guitar is your hands. Playing the guitar requires keeping your hands in a claw-like shape. You then must apply pressure to the strings, which can scratch and break the skin. Your fingers will grow tougher over time, but in the early days, this can hurt.

For the piano, bigger hands can help but aren’t vital. In addition, you don’t need to apply as much strength to the keys. This means the piano is easier for younger people or people with small hands. It can also be easier for people with arthritis, or other disabilities that hinder hand strength while still leaving limited functionality.

Which One Do You Enjoy Most?

This is perhaps the most important question in deciding to play the beginner piano or the beginner guitar. It takes years of practice to gain true mastery of any skill, and this is especially true of musical skills. An instrument you don’t enjoy is an instrument you’ll put down and never touch again.

In addition, if you truly enjoy playing an instrument then you’ll be practicing all the time! So don’t feel like you should force yourself to enjoy music practice. If you’re dreading the idea of playing one instrument, even if you otherwise think it’s a good idea, that’s a sign to move on.

At the end of the day, no two beginner musicians are the same. Everyone has their own abilities and weaknesses, and the piano and guitar are two incredibly different instruments. All you can do is consider what you want and what you can do, and choose based on that.

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